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Ventilation Instrumentation

• Stop Watch: Mechanical and digital stop watches are available.

• Whirling Hygrometer: Used to find out the percentage saturation in air. Micon Whirling Hygrometer consists of two mercury filled prismatic thermometers with least count of 0.5° C and the range 0-50° C and are mounted side by side on a plastic frame.

• Dum-Bell Thermometer: They are available in two ranges• 0 to 100o C & 0 to 400o C. This thermometer finds application in knowing the temperature behind fire stopping, strata temperature, bore hole temperature etc.

• Wall Thermometer

• Smoke Generator: This is used for determining low velocity below the range of an ordinary Anemometer, for testing air tightness of seal or stopping. This consists of a glass tube containing granulated pumic stone saturated with anhydrous tin or titanium tetrachloride.

Thermo Hygrograph • Thermo-Hygrograph: For simultaneously measuring and recording Ambient Air temperature and relative Humidity data on a chart paper, Range: Temp. 5º C to + 50º C & R.H.: 0 to 99%

• Barometer: This is used for the measurement of the atmospheric pressure and is available in both mechanical and digital models.

• Sampling Apparatus:

• Winchester Bottle: Winchester Sampling Bottles are available in 1 ltr, 2 ltrs & 5 ltrs sizes.

• Air Sampling Bottle: Micon Sampling Tubes are made from corning glass and are available with two way stop-cock or 3-way stop cock with rubber aspirator.

Safety Appliances

• Resuscitator:A resuscitator is a device using positive pressure to inflate the lungs of an unconscious person who is not breathing, in order to keep him oxygenated and alive.

• Dust Respirator

• Ear Muffs / Plugs

• Eye Protectors

First Aid Station • First Aid Station/Cabinet: Micon’s all in one First Aid Cabinet box is a unique solution to your First Aid requirements. First aid station gives you a fully stocked first aid kit with all accessories as per the Mines Act/Rules 1955, a folding stretcher and a blanket plus space for optional equipment and supplies.

• Hand Gloves

• First Aid Box

• Helmets

• Safety Belt

• Folding Stretcher

Gas Analysis Apparatus

• Graham Lawrence Apparatus: It is a complete set mounted in a Teakwood cabinet with folding doors. There will be a control box with Energy regulator in place of Roberson Lamp.

• Haldane Apparatus: This is a portable apparatus for general air and mine gas analysis. It is made of pyrex glass and is complete with rheostat and fitted in polished teak wood case.

• Orsat Apparatus: This is a gas analyser apparatus (for 3 tests) with 3 absorption pipettes for determination of CO2, O2, CO in flue gases.

• Laboratory Chemical

• Laboratory Apparatus

Models For Educational Institutes Models For Educational Institutes/Vocational Training Institutes:

We are leading manufacturers of mining models. Our models are being used by numerous reputed institutes across India for a very long time. We regularly receive repeat orders from them which itself speaks for our quality and service.


• Sound Level Meter

• Lux Meter

• Detonator Circuit Tester

• Vibration Meter For Machine

• Breath Alchohol Meter

• Tachometer

• Digital Thermometer (Infrared)

Testing and measuring instruments

• Meggars/Insulation Tester

• Tong Tester / Clamp Meter

• Multimeter

• Earth Resistance Tester

• Cable Fault Locator

• Bore Hole Temperature Sensors

Wire Rope Fittings

• D & Bow Shackles

• Thimbles

• Bull Dog Clamps

• Turn Buckles

Track & Allied Equipments

• Fish Plate

• Dog Spike

• Track Bolt & Nuts

• Rail Bender / Jim Crow

• Wheel & Axle

• Tub/Mine Car

• Re-Railer

Hose Fittings

• Claw Coupling

• Hose Clamps

• Hose Nipples

In the interests of product development, Micon Engineers reserves the right to amend, change or alter the specifications of its products without prior notice.