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Tub / Mine Car Coupling :

These are used as an attachment between any two tubs in a set or train of tubs. These are manufactured as per the DGMS (Tech) Circular No.1 of 1986 & No. 6 of 1997. Commonly used tub couplings are as follows:

Tub Couplings

• Hook Type Couplings

• Two Shackles and Pin

• Shackle and Pin

• C Type Coupling

• ā€˜Dā€™ Link

Draw Bar

Draw Bars :

Draw Bars are made as per DGMS Circular No.1 of 2002.

Hydraulic Roof Bolting Machine Hydraulic Roof Bolting Machine :

Micon Hydraulic Roof Bolter is a rotary roof bolting machine suitable for drilling vertical holes & anchoring of roof bolts in underground mines in strata up to 600 kg/cm2.
Hydraulic Roof Bolter

Anchorage Testing Machine • Anchorage Testing Machine:
The equipment is suitable to measure the anchorage resistance of roof bolts. (Conforming to the latest DGMS Circular No.5 of 2002 and DGMS Circular No.11 of 2002, Clause No VII.). Range upto 50 tonnes capacity.

• Light Weight Anchorage Testing Machine: Light and easy to use Anchorage Testing Machine is manufactured as per the latest DGMS circular No.5 of 2002 and DGMS Circular No.11 of 2002, Clause No. VII.

Short Encapsulation Pull Test Equipment • Short Encapsulation Pull Test Equipment: Short encapsulation pull testing is essentially to verify rock-bolt system performance. Micon supplies all the equipment needed to undertake short encapsulation pull testing on site in mining and tunneling environments.

Short Encapsulation Pull Test Equipment • Cable Bolt Anchorage Testing Machine: Cable Bolt Tester is a hydraulic device for performing pull test of cable bolt to measure their load bearing capacity or anchor-ability.


Hydraulic Type • Roof Bolt Type: Roof Bolt Load Cells are simple rugged instruments. They are easy to read and are useful for routine bolt operations. It is an economical tool with proper accuracy and gives direct reading. The Gauges are calibrated in metric tonnage.

• Hydraulic Type: These are precision & economic instruments with a calibrated pressure gauge in tonnes to read load or force which is being exerted directly.

• Mechanical (Dial Gauge Type): Micon Mechanical Load Cells have been developed to measure the compressive load under steel or wooden props.

• Mechanical (Spring Type)


• Tell-Tale Type: These are available in Rotary, Single Point, Two Point or Multi Point, wire extensometer with conventional free standing support for detection of unstable trend in the roof strata.

Auto Warning Type Tell Tale • Auto Warning Type Tell Tale: Auto-Warning Telltale has been designed to provide a highly visible immediate warning of excessive movement occurring in a rock bolted tunnel or mine roadway, over and above that provided by the coloured bands on a standard telltale.

• Rod Type: This is a multi point bore hole extensometer and is used to measure movement and deformation of natural and artificial structures.


• Suspension (Spring) Type: This consists of an outer non-rusting tube, on this tube a scale of 0-150 mm is graduated with 1 mm least count by etching operation.

• Telescopic Type: This is used to measure the convergence between the roof and the floor; stations are fixed by means of grouted stations. It consists of an outer non-rusting tube inside which a close fitting rod slides.

• Light Weight Telescopic Convergence Indicator: This is made of light weight and durable fiber body tube. The scale on the tube is highlighted by reflecting tape to enable easy viewing in underground low light surroundings.

• Remote Control Telescopic Type: This potentiometer type convergence indicator helps to measure the convergence between the roof & the floor. The change in resistance can be measured from a safe place by means of portable battery operated readout unit.


Micon Convergence Meter has been developed for continuously recording convergence in mines. Direct plots of convergence versus time can be obtained over a range of upto 100 mm.

• Sag Bolts

• Torque Wrench with Deep Socket

Sylvester Prop WithdrawerSylvester Prop Withdrawer :

Micon Pit Prop Withdrawer can be specially used to withdraw the props in underground mines.

Endless Haulage Clips :

These have been developed to meet the demand of the mining industry for quality rope clips. Commonly adopted clips are as follows:

• Lashing Chain: Lashing Chains are among the simplest means of attachment of tubs to haulage ropes. The design & specification of the lashing chain shall conform to the drawing & specification as per DGMS (Tech.) Circular No. 4 of 2002.

• Small Man Type Clip: Small man clips are suitable for under rope type endless haulages and can be used for varied conditions.

• Screw Clip: These clips are advocated where a strong positive grip is required on the rope where long sets of trains or tubs are to be hauled.

• Wedge clips: can be used for over rope and under rope endless haulage.

• Slip Load Tester:Slip Load Tester is a hydraulic device for performing slip test on endless haulage clips to measure their pull bearing capacity.

Haulage Rope Sockets :

These are used as an attachment between haulage rope and a tub or a set of train of tubs or any other means of conveyance.


• Zinc Cone Type: Conforms to DGMS (Tech) Circular No. 12 of 1976.

• White Metal Type Haulage Rope Cappel confirming to DGMS Technical Circular No 12 of 12th October 1976.

Link & Closed Shackles • Link & Closed Shackles: The design & specification of the Link and closed Shackles shall confirm to the drawing & specifications as per DGMS (Tech) Circular No. 7 of 1978 and as per IS 12488-1988.

Hydraulic Wire Rope Cutter • Hydraulic Wire Rope Cutter: Micon Hydraulic wire rope/cable cutter works, as the name suggests, on hydraulic principle, and is meant to cut cleanly and easily, wire ropes/cables of various sizes.

• Cappel Banding/Disbanding Machine: Micon Banding Machines are portable and provide the recommended alternative to the use of hammers and swages when capping wedge-type rope cappels. The machines may be utilised for banding and disbanding all types and sizes of rope cappels.

Ventilation Instrumentation

Mechanical Anemometer • Anemometer (Mechanical): The instrument consists of a small fan set at an angle of 40o to 45o to the direction of air flow which will rotate the vanes at a speed proportionate to the air velocity. Range: For measuring wind speed of 1 to 15 metre per second.

• Electronic Anemometer / Velometer: This is a portable digital anemometer that provides fast, accurate readings, with digital readability and the convenience of a remote sensor separately.

• Magnehelic® Ventilation Pressure Survey Set:Among the devices available for measuring differential pressure underground, the Magnehelic survey set is the most useful for underground spot survey.

• Magnehelic® - Air Velocity Gages: Use with pitot tube for air velocity measurement or without for pressure measurement. Easy and quick to use. Air velocity scale provides direct reading for standard air without conversions.

• Digital Manometer: Precision Digital Manometer is used for more accurate measurements. Robust and light weight, it is used for gas/air pressures measurements.

Portable Manometer • Portable Manometer: Micon Precision Manometer comprises of a single precise swivelling limb. It can be swivelled in 4 positions ā€“1 in 20, 1 in 10, 1 in 5 & vertical. Pitot readings are very small for the common range of air velocities. Ordinary U-tube manometers are not useful for measurement of gas velocities below 12 m/s. For this, use of inclined tube manometer is suggested.

• Inclined Manometer: Micon Inclined Manometer (water gauge) is used for measurement of small pressure with great accuracy.

• U-Tube Manometer: This is used to measure the pressure difference in pitot or orifices located in the airflow in air handling or ventilation system.

Pitot Tube • Pitot Tube: Pitot tube is a standard air velocity meter. It consists of two concentric tubes.

Pit Water Gauge • Pit Water Gauge: Water Gauge comprises two nos. straight glass tubes terminating into a brass block with a connecting passage. One limb is open to atmosphere & other is connected to the fan drift. A tap is provided to close the connection while taking the reading. A scale with an adjusting screw is mounted behind the glass tubes. A sprit level helps in keeping the instrument vertical.

In the interests of product development, Micon Engineers reserves the right to amend, change or alter the specifications of its products without prior notice.